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Ascendum Maquinaria in Spain leads the way in Carbon Footprint reduction with 2-year plan

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Ascendum Maquinaria in Spain is taking decisive steps towards sustainable operations, with the implementation of a Carbon Footprint Reduction and Energy Saving Plan on its facilities. This plan will consequently also reduce the energy costs associated with daily operations by:

  1. Improving the current energy consumption efficiency;
  2. Reducing daily operations emissions;
  3. Conversion of energy consumption from fossil to renewable sources.

The final goal is to reduce 50% of the Carbon Footprint within 5 years, starting with a 15% reduction in the first year.

To develop this plan, Ascendum Maquinaria carried out an energy assessment to identify areas where energy efficiency could be improved, including a deep evaluation of lighting, heating and ventilation solutions, air conditioning systems, as well as equipment and machinery used in the company's daily operations.

The first and most immediate measure to be implemented, was the installation of solar panels in Ciempozuelos, Valladolid and Granada branches.  Ascendum Maquinaria Spain will reduce 176 Tons of CO2 per year which is the equivalent to 8,130 trees and will save approximately €47,500 in energy costs annually.

Watch the making-off video of the solar panel’s installation!


To strengthen this Carbon footprint reduction plan other important initiatives are being implemented:

  • Installation of more efficient lighting and heating systems and programming them to turn off automatically when not needed.
  • An ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with operations, not only internally but also externally, with direct impact in our employees, customers, and suppliers.

The emission of greenhouse gases has increased significantly in recent decades, resulting in accelerated climate change and environmental degradation. The commitment to carbon neutrality is a joint effort from society, governments, regulators, and proactive initiatives from the private sector, with companies implementing environmentally conscious practices.

Ascendum wants to be an active player of positive change in the industry, embracing sustainability not only as an ethical responsibility but also as a strategic business decision. Therefore, the company is expanding these initiatives across other of its geographies (there are other Ascendum markets already following this plan to reduce carbon footprint), adopting clean energy solutions, promoting electromobility and thus reducing carbon emissions for both its products and operations.