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Annual Report


In 2017 Ascendum reached an important and decisive milestone. Financially, ratios and indicators reached record highs. Socially, human capital has also grown, assimilating the Ascendum Corporate Culture and revised Core Values, despite the so many geographies, cultures and languages.

All countries where Ascendum operates have contributed positively to surpass the 900 M€ turnover mark. Moreover, total turnover would have been 958 M€ if the USD an TRY didn’t depreciated. The EBITDA had record levels of over 75 M€ and Net Return was 3%. Several other financial indicators and ratios improved compared to 2016, since return levels increased by 15% and debt decrease by the same value. In 2017, the continuous investment in Internal Communication, internal processes optimization and HR training and development consolidated Ascendum human capital. In a multicultural company such as this one, that is carrying for the past years a complex operation in 4 continents, under different geo-political and macro-economic condition, not forgetting 7 different foreign exchange currencies, it is crucial to reinforce values, culture and behaviours to improve Ascendum’ s services and brand.

After a 59-year long history, Ascendum is now a more passionate, innovative and trusted company, fully committed to build up the future with their clients.