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Annual Report


The year 2019 was one that will remain in everyone's memory.

It was the year we thanked Ricardo Mieiro for all his dedication and for the vision with which he led the Ascendum Group for the past 20 years. It was also the year we had a new succession led by João Mieiro, who will continue the legacy of success of the Group, conquered so far.

Proud of the past and the values that have brought us here, we celebrated our 60th anniversary, celebrating what we called our Go Attitude. We wanted to look at this date not just as a number, but as a way of being that has characterized us so much since our foundation.

And it was thanks to the dedication and energy of all our employees that we were able to achieve positive results once again.

In 2019, in an extremely challenging geopolitical and macroeconomic context marked by different exchange rates, we reached a consolidated turnover of 878 M€, an EBITDA of 83 M€ and a net profit of 17 M€.

Once again, we overcame the challenges we were faced with, thanks to an increasingly strong and determined team that represents the true Go Attitude.


You can find all the information in our 2019 Annual Report.