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Ascendum celebrates the Go attitude on its 60th anniversary

Monday, April 1, 2019

Ascendum is commemorating 60 years of history and this is the right moment to celebrate the attitude which influences its DNA: the GO attitude. Passion for what we do, ambition to keep going further, will to do better every day and to meet the challenges, always focusing on our customers. This is the attitude of all of us who work at Ascendum, the attitude that brought the Group to what it is today and that will also project it into the future.

This is the attitude we chose to celebrate 60 years of history, turning the number 60 into the word GO, therefore GO Attitude. We want to look at this date not as a number, but as a way of living that brought us from 1959 to the present stronger and more confident. An attitude which will continue to guide us into the future and which reveals itself in everything we do: in the unbreakable relationships we built with the suppliers and brands we work with, in the trust and transparency relationships we establish with our customers and in the way we work as a team.

The future has many challenges, and that encourages us to growingly adopt the GO Attitude in order to be winners. And that's what we'll do, with a special celebration of what we are and want to continue to be, always around Ascendum's three great values: ambition, trust and customer focus. 

Celebrations will take place along the year, and started officially on the 1st of April.