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Construction and Industrial Equipment

Ascendum distributes, commercializes and rents equipment for construction and public works, the transformation and extractive industries, forestry, recycling, load handling and agriculture, offering integrated solutions.

This business area is available in the following countries:

Portugal, Spain, USA, Turkey, Mexico, AustriaThe Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova.


our services

To support distribution and commercialization, Ascendum also offers a complete range of services with the highest quality, of which the following stand out:


Wherever you are, Ascendum will be with you.

Follow the Customer is an international customer support service, especially for projects in countries where it is not always easy to secure resources - be they equipment, parts, the training of operators, maintenance and other services - essential to carrying out any job.

It is exactly so the customer can focus exclusively on their job that Follow the Customer was created, which helps define what equipment, services and stock of replacement parts will be needed, and which takes all these material and human resources to the yard, anywhere in the world.

Follow the Customer puts at the customer's disposal:

  • The required equipment with the respective logistics support;
  • A container with a stock of parts that are most frequently used;
  • Specialized labor and specific tools;
  • Logistics to return equipment, when it is no longer needed, or if it needs to be transferred to a new project and location.


A service for the rental of Construction and Industrial Equipment without an operator, with varying durations, which adapts to the specific needs of the business: per day, per week or per month.


Ascendum provides a full after-sales service which covers several areas:

  • Parts of the represented brands in each country;
  • Reconditioning Service;
  • International Technical Support Service;
  • Service Contracts;
  • Caretrack;
  • Support Units.


We offer a range of credit solutions tailored to suit the needs of each business.

As a result of partnerships established with the main national and international Financial institutions, Ascendum Financing enables solutions as differentiated as:

  • Long-Term Rentals up to 60 months*;
  • Financial Leases of up to 72 months*;
  • Credit for major repairs;
  • Factoring for after-sales service;
  • Insurance for Equipment.

*New and used machinery