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ASCENDUM IS CELEBRATING A <span style="color:#e12b23">GO ATTITUDE</span> ON ITS <span style="color:#e12b23">60TH ANNIVERSARY</span>

Ascendum is celebrating its 60th anniversary and wants to share this moment with its partners - suppliers, customers, and employees - As we continue looking to the future we are proud of the past and of the values that have brought us this far, we want to project them into the next decades and into the next challenges that we'll surely face. In doing so, we have decided to turn the number 60 into the GO Attitude., Looking at this date, not only as a number but as a way of life, one that has been inspiring us since our foundation and one that will keep us all on a road to success.

We're driven by our passion for what we do, our ambition to keep going further, and our will to do better every day all while meeting any of the challenges we may face. We're always focused on our customers, because we know the importance and the value of the products, and the brands, that we represent. We're a link in a value chain, always looking for the best solutions, while not being limited by circumstances. We have the ability to achieve our goals thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our employees. By always remaining focused on finding the best solutions we've built unbreakable relationships and have managed to achieve what so few have only imagined.

We highlight our relationship with Volvo, a brand we've been working with for 60 years, in a strong and trustworthy relationship that has crossed various business areas and different geographic regions all over the world. We’ve been able to combine Volvo's safety, technical quality, and innovation with Ascendum's dynamics and action-focused strategy creating a highly successful and complementarity service for our customers. That is the attitude we have adopted with all of our brands and customers.

Looking to the future, we wish to continue on this path of growth, aware of the challenges that we will face with the belief that the GO Attitude, which has brought us this far, and will continue to lead us, and all of our partners, to a path of success in the future.

This is the attitude that we'll be celebrating throughout the year, and in various 60th anniversary events!